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Some carpets you see in shops state that they can be cleaned using bleach, they even have photos and information to show you this. Below is a list of factors you need to consider first then make your own mind up.​

When carrying out spot removal not all the product will remain on the carpet surface, some will soak down to the backing. So even if the carpet firbes are tolerant to strong chemicals it can still damage the fibres and sub floor. 

Bleach is a hazardous chemical, its bad for lungs and can cause breathing problems. Side effects include skin burns, asthma flares, headaches and even vomiting.

Bleach is bad for the environment, over time it pollutes the air and water supply. It is then consumed by micro organisms which serves as food for larger species which in turn we then eat.


If you want to remove a spill from any carpet you should use a dedicated carpet spot remover, or call a professional. I think most people would feel safer walking around bare foot on a carpet treated with a product other than bleach.​​

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