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Try using natural cleaning alternatives for your home, they cost far less than chemical based products and much better for the environment.

1. Use Lemon. Lemons are natural and clean with great power. They contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties and have a high acidic content for cutting through grime.

Has your copper pans lost there shine? Dip half a lemon in salt water and leave to soak for an hour.

Need to clean your chopping board? Rub a slice across the board and it will also disinfect the surface.

2. Baking Soda. Baking soda, like lemon is another great cleaner. This alkaline substance acts as a gentle abrasive, can be used for removing surface rust and can be used as a grease cleaner.

Apply baking powder to the inside of any oven, leave over night and scrap away.

3. White Vinegar. Acidic substance great for cleaning, combined with lemons can deodorise and absorb odours. Can be used to get rid of smells such as fish, onions and garlic. If your kettle needs descaling mix a 50/50 of lemon juice and white vinegar, boil the kettle and rinse out thoroughly.

4. Cleaning Your Windows. Mix a 50/50 spray bottle of vinegar and water and apply to glass, wipe off with a micro fibre cloth or use some old newspaper to leave it streak free.