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Why Numatic Charles Is Good

We have used Charles for a number of years and heres why Numatic make the best vacuums.

One advantage of using Charles is it can be used wet or dry, so you can use it as a general vacuum cleaner but also use it for sucking up water or any other liquid.
Light weight portable vacuum, easy for transporting and comes with many attachments.

We have tried and tested many other brands of vacuum cleaner and found Numatic make the best, they are built to last and thats why builders and other tradesman use them.

If your wanting a wet/dry vacuum cleaner we would recommend Charles, for around £120 you cant go wrong. For more info on Charles visit the link.


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Do You Have The Sniffles?

Debris from clothing and shoes brought in from outside can work its way deep into your carpet and can cause a reservoir of allergens. Pollen and dust particles can cause respiratory issues and wheezing when they circle in the air.

There are thousands of human skin cells which shed and feed dust mites which can tickle the nose and cause flu like irritation.

Obviously vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis keeps this down but its worth having the carpet professionally cleaned 6 - 12 months to ensure your home stays fresh all year round.

So next time you feel you have a cold coming, could it be your carpet that needs cleaning.

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Tufted Carpet

These carpets have there pile injected into the backing which is then bonded to a secondary backing usually made or hessian or another man made alternative. This is the most common method of manufacturing carpet for use on floors around the world.