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what germs are lurking in your carpet?

Carpet can contain all kind of nasty things you would least expect, here is a list of a few examples.

Dust Mites

Dead Insects



Pet Hair and Skin



The only way you can reduce these examples and stop the spread is to get your carpets cleaned professionally. Using hot water extraction machines combined with modern cleaning agents is the most effective way.

For more information on this or if you have a question of your own please give us a call.

How to keep clean and maintain your staircase / landing

Vacuuming on a regular basis is an important way of maintaining the life and appearance of carpet. Debris gets trapped within the carpet fibres and if left can cause dark areas to form.

Once this happens no matter how much vacuuming is done you just wont improve the look, so maybe its time to get them cleaned professionally.

It is recommended by carpet manufacturers to get them cleaned every 6-12 months, this will insure they stay fresh and clean throughout the year.

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Bedroom Carpet Cleaning Image

Cleaning carpet with babies at home

Most carpet cleaning products used today contain harmless chemicals for adults and pets. But when it comes to babies and small children its worth taking a little more precaution. Newborns dont have a fully functional immune system and some cleaning solutions and specailly solvents can cause rashes and sometimes breathing problems. Dont be alarmed by this tho as a few simple steps can solve any issues.

​1. When having the carpets cleaned, vent the property by opening windows so air flow can circulate the rooms and help the drying time.

2.While the carpet is being cleaned keep all children out the room not only because of the cleaning chemicals but also heavy machines and power cables will be present nearby.

3.Once the carpet has had time to dry it may be worth while just to keep small children from crawling over it just for an extra 24 hours just for peace of mind.

When contacting a carpet cleaner please inform them you have children and how old they are so simple measures can be put in place.

don't let the bedbugs bite

Once in your bed bedbugs have a clever way of hiding and are difficult to see. They hide in nooks and crannies and rarely come out in te light.

Mattresses are the favorite please as its a quick food source. Bed bugs can survive for over a month without any food, but there are ways to get rid of them.

First thing to do is check, bedbugs leave clues. When you change your sheets look at the mattress for any brownish discolorations or black pellets.

​If you do see something or for peace of mind then we can clean your mattress using hot water extraction. This will remove any bugs and also fight off bacteria and germs.

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