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Every so often you might see a carpet cleaning offer like “ Lounge carpet clean only £20.00 ” and you think wow thats cheap ill give them a call, but stop and think a second. How can these companies possibly do that cost effective to them, the reason is it usually wont be £20.00. Some of these compaines are out to con you and once in your home the price will change and by then the carpet is cleaned and your left with a bigger bill.
Cheap machines and materials are used which compared to modern equipment they are years out of date. Combine that with untrained operatives and you might have an insurance claim to prepare.
We have all heard that term “ You get what you pay for “ and thats true within this industry so heres a few things to look and ask for when searching for a good professional carpet cleaner.

  • Ask how much the job will be, usually a guide price will be given over the phone but most professional carpet cleaners will want to see the area in person, so ask for a written quotation before any clean takes place.​
  • Ask if the company are insured and request a copy of there public liability insurance. 
  • Look out for compaines that only except cash payment, there is no reason for this as they should except both cash, cheque and even bacs payment.
  • Have a look at the van they turn up in, is it clean and tidy. Strange thing you need to look for you ask, but if a person turns up in a rusty dented smokey van that looks unloved, whats there work like.

Saying all this there is nothing wrong with an offer or discount, but a realistic one. If its to good to be true then it usually is.