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Avocado Services

clean the mud away from the winter rain

Due to the rain thats fallen keeping your home clean can be a challange. Every time you walk in you can gurantee a muddy leaf will follow you in and up the stairs.
If you have that dark shade running through the middle of your hallway or up your stairs, you may be due for a professional carpet clean. Avocado Services can bring your floors back up to the level it was before the bad weather started.
We offer carpet, hard floor and even upholstery cleaning for your sofa’s and chairs.
please send us a message for a price.

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Possible Causes of water damage

Broken pipes, heavy rain, and floods. These are just some of the many reasons why water damage occurs in homes throughout the world. Once the damage has been done, there’s nothing that can really be done to prevent it from becoming worse.

However, you can use this experience as a learning opportunity for the future, and lower the risks of it happening again. Here are some of the top causes of residential water damage to be on the look for.

Broken pipes. This is a very common problem in households and can be easily prevented if you know what you’re looking for. Walk through your home and give all pipes and hoses a thorough inspection. It’s important to look for any wear and tear that could lead to further damage and irreversible consequences. Water pipes and hoses may experience severe deterioration overtime, but you can lower the risks of any bursts or leaks from happening by replacing any old pipes and hoses with PVC piping, metal braided washing machine lines, and copper pipes.

Accidents. Pay attention to the water flow in your home when you are filling the bathtub or running the water in sinks. It’s easy to become distracted and wander away from the kitchen or bathroom. Even if you are going to do something really quick it’s much better to wait to leave the room until you have finished running taps.

Reasons to use a carpet mat for chairs

If your sat at a desk working, your chair could be wearing away the carpet under the legs. 
A common cause is the wheels on most chairs rub over the fibres and over time wear the carpet down. Every time you sit down or go to get up you move the chair back and forth causing friction underneath. 
The solution is to place a mat under the workspace. These usually come in form of a clear plastic layer, place this under the wheels and it will stop any wear. This also helps when you move out the space your in or just fancy changing the layout of the room.

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top 10 best vacuum cleaners

When buying a corded vacuum cleaner, you first have to decide whether you want upright or cylinder. Cylinders are smaller so may be easier to store, while uprights often have more power, though are usually heavier than their cylinder counterparts.
Though some cordless cleaners are now very powerful, they will only run for half an hour or 40 minutes at the most, so for several rooms you need the stamina and power that plugging into the mains delivers. 
Some cleaners use bags, which is an on-going cost and can mean the suction power drops as the bag fills up. Bagless is the other way to go, though it’s usually more expensive upfront.

Click the link to see what was voted in the top ten.