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Grout Cleaning Your Kitchen Floor

Grout lines are the hardest part to keep clean in any area, specially a kitchen which is used daily. If not given proper care and maintenance grout lines can begin to look dark and patchy. To prevent this from occurring, it's advisable to have them machine cleaned by the experts at Avocado Services.

Regular cleaning can make the tile surface of your floors look like new but the grout lines will always still look dirty when dry. Why? Because the tiny pores in the grout can allow dirt to become caught beneath the surface, where general sweeping and mopping cant solve.

Why You Should Not Clean Carpet Yourself 

Are you thinking of hiring a carpet cleaning machine and cleaning your carpets yourself? Well here is a few reasons why getting Avocado Services to do it for you will be better.

Domestic carpet cleaning machines hired or bought simply don't have enough power that professional extraction machines have. The heat and suction of a professional carpet cleaner will get your carpets looking much better.
Many domestic carpet cleaning machines use low end detergents which means they wont clean great and because the suction isn't very good means residue will remain in the carpet you've just cleaned. Over time this will cause re-soiling and more frequent cleaning, hence more money.
The drying time in domestic carpet cleaners will be much greater than that of a professional carpet machine, again due to poor suction. This can result in carpets shrinking.
Professional carpet cleaners are fully trained in stain removal and use of products. Without proper training, knowledge and experience it is very easy to damage your carpet beyond repair.

Most important is cost.

Machine rental, cleaning liquids, stain removers and other consumables can start to add up.

Having a professional carpet cleaning company do it for you can save you time, hire costs and peace of mind that your carpets are cleaned with the latest technology and up to date products.

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Do you have black lines around the edge of your carpet?

What causes it? 

Filtration soiling occurs as a result of air being forced into the room or space at a higher rate than it can escape from the same area.

The air then seeks alternative escape routes, which usually end up being the gap between the carpet and the wall trim and under closed doors.

As the air is forced through these gaps, it passes through the carpet, which acts as a filter to the air. Any pollutants in the air are trapped by the carpet, and turn the carpet black in that area. Common pollutants that can contribute to the problem include smoke from cigarettes and candles, cooking oils, fireplace ash, and dust.

This soiling does not occur as a result of insufficient vacuuming or improper vacuuming techniques (although consistently failing to vacuum the very edge of the room can help to amplify the problem). It is a problem that can occur in the cleanest of homes, and is not considered a reflection of house keeping abilities.

Eliminate gaps

Another way to reduce the problem is to eliminate the gaps through which the air seeks to escape. As much as possible, keep interior doors between rooms open to allow the air to move freely through the opening, so that it does not travel down and into the carpet to escape under the closed door.

Gaps between the carpet and baseboard trim may be sealed using an expandable foam sealant. Depending on the size of the gap, you may need to pull the carpet away from the wall in order to access the entire area and avoid getting any of the sealant on the carpet.

Avocado Services helps you maintain your carpets

Carpets add beauty to your home and gives a rich look throughout. Most of us will take great care for our carpets but spills and accidents do happen. Dirt, grit, stains, and so on will get into the fibres of your carpets. Avocado Services will help you get the cleanest carpets possible. It will be the best decision you make this year to get your carpets professionally cleaned. It feels so good to come home to perfectly clean carpets and a fresh smelling home. 

We also offer hard floor cleaning so if your kitchen or bathrooms need a deep clean we can bring those up to a sparkle as well. 

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