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We Provide

  • Larvae Removal
  • Deodorising 
  • Stain Removal


Moths​ are commonly found all over the UK. One or two that files in through an open window may not be a problem but the fact is they could be. Moths themselves will not damage your carpet, but their larvae will. A single moth can lay several hundred eggs, and these eggs are laid within the fibres. Young moth larvae will feast on your carpet and cause destruction everywhere.

Moth Treatment

The most effective moth treatment for carpets is to professionally clean them as soon as you can and hopefully before they start to eat away. The goal of moth treatment is to remove the larvae from the fibres through an extraction process. If larvae have already started feasting on the carpet, care will need to be taken to avoid increasing this damage through the cleaning process.

Preventing Further Damage

​If you believe you have moth larvae on your carpet, you should avoid disturbing the area in question. If the area is disturbed, the moth larvae could spread to other areas that have not been damaged.

Please get in touch with any questions on moth treatment, we can talk you through solving the problem over the phone or with an onsite visit.

Moth Damage